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Posted on September 18, 2013

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Gail Leslie     NCDB Staff

Working each day in the new NCDB website gives me cause for celebration.  The features that started as ideas are more impressive now that they are engineered and functioning.  The tools that have the potential to bring us together in ways that are more engaging and efficient are simple and elegant.  That is not to say that there haven’t been glitches and a few maydays along the way, but we continue to problem solve and fine tune function and usability.  

I want to highlight some of the new features that we have added to help users find their way around the site with greater ease. 

Email Notifications

The area around your profile photo and name in the upper right hand corner of the page is a great way to shortcut some of your travels within the site.  When you log in, a small number in a circle appears up in that right hand corner close to your face to alert you to new information and postings in groups that you belong to.  These are your Notifications. Clicking on the number will provide a pull down list of recent forum posts and materials added in groups that you belong to.  Now you can choose to receive those same notifications via email.  Go to My Profile, choose Edit, and then click on the box below your name that says “Receive your notifications daily by email”.   You will receive one digest a day of activity within the site. An easy way to keep up and a good reminder to log in! While you are in your profile you might notice the blue shaded Page Tour icon to the left of your photo.  Use this to take a quick tour of the features that make your profile a powerful tool for personalizing your resources on the site.  

Getting to Groups

Back up to the right hand corner you will see a small arrow to the right of your photo. This arrow is a navigation short cut to your profile, to the help section and now also makes getting to your groups a whole lot easier.  Simply use the pull down arrow to reveal your entire list of groups along with their group icon. Choosing from the list will move you to the Group Home page.  Simple to find and a nifty feature that I really like!


We are in the process of building out the help system.  In the next few weeks you will find both text explanation and short videos that describe features and tools. Here is an example on using Bookmarks.


There is a learning curve for all of us with these tools.  We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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Thanks, Gail. Great to learn more about the ways our DB Project can use bookmarks, to send to teams, or update our website. I had no idea it could create one URL with a list of links. Got me thinking...

Katie  Humes

Posted Sep 19, 2013 by Katie Humes

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