DB Summit Break Out Sessions Notes Posted - Let's Keep It Going!

Posted on September 17, 2014

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Jay Gense    NCDB Project Director

As was promised during the closing remarks at the end of the DB Summit, the notes from the various breakout sessions have been posted and are now available for collective review. The notes are provided subsequent to each of the respective facilitators and note takers taking the time to review and summarize the content.
These session notes and materials reflect the deep and rich conversations that were had during the DB Summit breakout sessions, representing some of the best thinking and planning suggestions from across our national Deaf-Blind TA Network. I encourage everyone to take the time to access these materials, and most importantly, to actively engage with follow up efforts. The thoughts and ideas generated during each of the sessions, and the ability to now engage with each other relative to such, provides another opportunity to move forward collectively. The tools available on the NCDB website support our ability to mutually engage with this content, supporting our collective efforts to meet the clearly identified charges articulated by OSEP. As Larry Wexler and Jo Ann McCann both discussed during the DB Summit, OSEP’s vision for the deaf-blind network continues to evolve. We all now understand that the new funding cycle for our national deaf-blind TA network comes with new expectations for collaboration. I appreciate and agree with OSEP’s perspectives regarding the inherent benefits of a network approach to service.
As we make the notes and materials from DB Summit available, and as we encourage your participation in the ongoing conversations that began that day, allow me to again highlight both the importance and the value of our network collaboration. OSEP has identified that their perspectives about the deaf-blind network continues to evolve as we all come to a better understanding of the benefits of a more collaborative national system of TA delivery. During the DB Summit, we repeatedly highlighted the belief that through an enhanced integration of our individual and collective efforts to provide TA and training, we will experience a) expanded access to needed expertise, information, and resources, b) increased quality of TA across the nation, c) easier access to high-quality TA, d) reduced costly duplication of effort, and ultimately e) improved outcomes for children and families.” Without a doubt, these are powerful motivators.
Network collaboration allows each and every project within the National Deaf-Blind TA Network to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and expertise that exists across the country. Without question, each of the state and multi-state deaf-blind projects plays a significant role in contributing to, maintaining, and expanding our knowledge base. By accessing, developing, and sharing both the collective expertise and the quality thinking that drives local and state implementation of quality TA, we truly can continue to improve outcomes for children and families.
Again, I encourage you to take the opportunity to access these notes and materials. Know too that NCDB will be looking at the suggestions and strategies that were identified during the breakout sessions, and finding additional strategies that will help keep ideas alive and the conversations and dialogues continuing relative to the national initiatives. NCDB also will also be starting a series of drop in webinars, with some of these webinars built around topic ideas generated at the DB Summit. Finally, all this information will be passed along to the Network Engagement TWG for their consideration and development of strategies to more fully engage the DB network.
I encourage everyone to consider strategies for collaboration and partnerships that may exist. Importantly, add your voice to the ongoing dialogue and discussion!

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Thanks Jay! As follow up, some of these suggestions were discussed at the Network Engagement TWG meeting in September and there was agreement that an opportunity to hear from staff who are leaving, in particular Barb Purvis and Kathy McNulty, would be a great way to launch a series of drop in webinars. The first webinar opportunity will be October 22nd, noon PST and Barb will join anyone interested in an open conversation about ongoing network efforts in early id and referral.

Gail Leslie

Posted Sep 24, 2014 by Gail Leslie

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