NCDB Launches New Website Focused on Developing Family Leaders

Posted on January 20, 2015


NCDB Initiative Team for Family Engagement

For many years, NCDB has partnered with state deaf-blind projects in the delivery of technical assistance focused on developing family leaders.  This work centered around improving advocacy skills for interested parents within a state and served to cultivate growing clusters of parents who could support each other in building better systems and services for their children who are deaf-blind.  NFADB, the National Family Association of Deafblind, has been a partner in this work, as have other federally funded parent advocacy projects.  Today, it is possible to look at work that is occurring at the national level, in intervener services, in transition, in family to family support, and recognize the seeds planted in this leadership and advocacy work. 

In 2009, a group of parents and professionals came together to share ideas related to training and encouraging family leaders.  While many organizations were doing similar family work, there was no one mechanism for bringing those groups together and no way to effectively share the wealth of materials that had been developed along the way. The vision of this group was to begin to build a network of people to share information and resources.  A newly launched website, Family Leadership Project, is a step towards building a foundation for this collaborative work.

The website was launched this last December with a webinar delivered by NCDB’s Kathy McNulty.  We invite you to take the opportunity to check out the resources housed in this new tool.  The website is filled with excellent resources that can support the provision of technical assistance to families in a variety of ways. It houses an array of materials and strategies organized to enhance planning efforts when designing parent leadership training activities. It offers tools for parent leaders interested in promoting leadership skills in other parents and family members and provides a foundation for any individual parent or family member seeking to become more effective in their advocacy skills.  It sports a timeline that captures historical efforts of families over the decades to influence national, state and local policies related to education for children with disabilities. 

This website has been a community effort. It is a collection of ideas and resources shared by many in our network, as well as the larger TA&D community. We hope this is just the beginning and the website will continue to grow as others contribute materials found to be effective in promoting family leadership.  

NCDB's new Project Specialist for Family Engagement, Megan Cote, will again cover plans for this new tool in a "Meet and Greet" webinar scheduled for Wednesday, January 21, 2015.  Check out this new tool at


Comments (5)

I love that families can have a support system and pool information. What a great resource.

Julie Davies

Posted Feb 8, 2015 by Julie Davies

Emily - we have some of the materials available in Spanish. If you type in the word "Spanish" in the search box it will bring up all resources that are available in Spanish.

Robbin Bull

Posted Jan 22, 2015 by Robbin Bull

Great to hear about the resources you have Rachel! You can contact Megan Cote at to coordinate sharing the materials.

Robbin Bull

Posted Jan 22, 2015 by Robbin Bull

This is really an awesome website! We have some materials we have developed around family leadership as well that we'd love to share with you here at Missouri Family to Family.

Rachel Hiles

Posted Jan 22, 2015 by Rachel Hiles

What a great resource! Look forward to partnering to share with our families! Do you have materials in Spanish, too?

Emily Taylor-Snell

Posted Jan 22, 2015 by Emily Taylor-Snell

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