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DeafBlind Interpreting Survey

Posted by , 7 Mo. Ago


Hello! CM Hall here from the new DBI National Training & Resource Center. 

Will you help us send this survey to your networks? It is LIVE NOW. Thank you! 

You are invited to participate in a survey conducted by the DeafBlind Interpreting National Training and Resource Center (DBI). The results of this survey will assist in determining the number of interpreters who are working with DeafBlind individuals in various capacities. This information is not currently available as there is no certification or licensure to rely on.

Please share the survey link widely as we are working to reach as many interpreters who work with people who are DeafBlind as possible. Interpreters do not have to be certified or come through training programs to complete this survey.

This survey will take about 20 minutes to complete, depending on your answers to some of the questions.

The survey link is here:

The survey will close on Monday, July 31st.

Thank you!

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