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New National Task Force on Services for Young Adults with Additional Disabilities

Posted by , Jul 19, 2017



One of the biggest challenges for the deaf-blind network is to improve post-school outcomes for youth who are deaf-blind. Although there have been modest improvements in some areas, many youth still face obstacles that adversely impact where they live and work and they often lack opportunities to expand their social circles. For young adults with additional disabilities these obstacles are more pronounced. To help address this problem, NCDB has established a national task force comprised of state deaf-blind projects, national and state adult service organizations, and families to:

  • Conduct a national needs assessment to ascertain resources and areas of strength and weakness in state developmental disabilities service delivery systems related to employment, independent living, and recreation
  • Develop a set of recommendations to guide collaborative work that will address identified needs
  • Identify strategies to rally stakeholders and partners to become involved in collaborative efforts to improve services


Task Force Members

  • Chris Woodfill, Helen Keller National Center
  • Marilyn Trader, Helen Keller National Center  
  • John Mascia, Alabama Institute for Deaf-Blind
  • Ellen Condon, Montana Deaf-Blind Project
  • John Dickerson, Advocate / Consultant
  • Dinell (Stuckey) Smith, Parent from Kansas
  • Christine Givens, Parent from Texas
  • Donna Gilles, VA Deaf-Blind Project
  • Laura Rocchio, Helen Keller National Center
  • Jolene Gruber, Wisconsin DB projects
  • Jennifer White, Able Opportunities, Inc.

Comments (4)

This will provide needed information. Thanks for doing this!

Michelle Clyne

Posted Aug 3, 2017 by Michelle Clyne

I cannot wait to see the results of this task force.

Lisa  Lawter

Posted Aug 1, 2017 by Lisa Lawter

Great News!

Kathy Jones

Posted Aug 1, 2017 by Kathy Jones


Mellanie Lee

Posted Jul 31, 2017 by Mellanie Lee

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