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Nebraska Deaf-Blind Summer Institute

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July 15-17, 2019

8:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

 Sheridan Lutheran Church (70th & Old Cheney, Lincoln, NE) ***NEW LOCATION

Parking by Entry Door #4; Location: South Great Room

Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange: Critical Points of Understanding

and Practical Strategies

This three-day summer institute will present a rationale for the argument that ALL individuals with deaf-blindness DO communicate—not that they all can learn to communicate, but the fact that they already do!  The presenter will bust the myth, which often paralyzes families/teams, that “they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” by discussing the criticality of “meeting the learner where she is” and consistently responding to her observable behaviors in a predictable, consistent way.  Essential points for understanding a learner’s growth in the direction of conventional communication (i.e., from the starting point of non-symbolic, non-intentional communication) will be presented and discussed. During the session, participants will review specific steps for the development of materials for each of the five primary strategies associated with the Tri-Focus Framework (Siegel-Causey & Bashinski, 1997), along with suggestions for implementing these strategies through an interprofessional, collaborative model.  There will be an opportunity for team sharing, networking, and learning from each other.  In addition, future support will be provided by the DB Project for selected teams and/or participants to receive additional follow-up in the 2019-20 school year.


Dr. Susan M. Bashinski is a Professor of Special Education at Missouri Western State University.  She has 40+ years of experience working with learners who experience multiple disabilities, including deaf-blindness. Dr. Bashinski has directed numerous federal and state grants in low-incidence disabilities and deaf-blindness, including personnel preparation, research, in-service training, and assistive technology.  Dr. Bashinski has extensive experience in providing professional development and technical assistance nationally and internationally, particularly in the areas of augmentative and non-symbolic communication for learners who have low-incidence disabilities, particularly deaf-blindness.  Her research interests and areas of expertise include early communication and language development, augmentative communication, and cochlear implants, with numerous publications and presentations related to these topics.


Register online

*The institute is open to individuals from other states. 

Registration is DUE by:  May 31, 2019    THERE IS NO COST FOR REGISTRATION. 

Additional details will be emailed to participants.

Questions? Contact:

Teresa Coonts, Project Director  


Tanya Armstrong, Project Coordinator


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