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Advanced Learning Series in DeafBlindness

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San Diego State University in partnership with the National Center on Deaf-Blindness are offering an advanced learning series for special education teachers and related service personnel. The 3-part series will allow professionals to gain foundational knowledge and skills about deafblindness and preliminary information on ways to best meet the needs of students with combined vision and hearing losses. Delivered in an online format, each unit utilizes a combination of independent work and synchronous meetings for 6 weeks total. Successful completion of each unit will allow participants to earn one college credit.

Unit #1: Introduction to Deafblindness and the Sensory Systems

This is the first course in the Deafblind Professional Development Program. It is intended to offer the background knowledge necessary for teachers and related service personnel working with students with deafblindness. The course will provide an overview of the primary sensory systems (vision and hearing) as well as an overview of deafblindness, including information about the primary etiologies related to deafblindness and the implications of combined vision and hearing losses.

Upcoming Start Date: May 20, 2019 

Cost: $80 

Registration for Advanced Learning Series in Deafblindness 

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