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California Intervener Training Program

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San Diego State University (SDSU) and California Deafblind Services (CDBS) are collaborating to provide a university-based intervener training program to prepare paraeducators to effectively serve learners who are deafblind. This activity is a three-state collaboration between the state deafblind projects of California, Idaho, and Montana. Paraeducators in these three states will receive priority registration.

Interveners are paraeducators with specialized knowledge and skills in deafblindness. Trained interveners allow school districts and agencies to effectively meet the unique individualized support needs of students who benefit from intervention services.

About the Course

Recruitment Criteria:

  • Desire to work with and support individuals with deafblindness
  • High school diploma (or equivalent)
  • Commitment to 2.5 hours of module participation per week for the 2 semesters
  • Basic internet skills, knowledge of computer functions, and ability to use online communication tools (email, video conferencing, and online learning platform)

Benefits of this training program include:
  • High-quality professional development for the paraeducator
  • Increased knowledge and skills for the paraeducator regarding the use of evidence-based practices for learners with deafblindness
  • Support staff that meet Council for Exceptional Children paraeducator competencies in the area of deafblindness
  • University certificate of completion of the SDSU/CDBS Intervener Training Program

Courses of Study:
The training utilizes 11 prescribed and one elective learning module from the Open Hands, Open Access Deaf-Blind Intervener Learning Modules, which are aligned with all seven of the CEC standards for special education paraeducator interveners for individuals with deafblindness.

Please visit the Intervener Training Program section of the SDSU website for more information and to begin enrollment now.


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