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Support for State Deaf-Blind Projects: Two-Part Webinar Series

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Presenters: Linda Mcdowell & Sam Morgan, Co-Directors of NCDB

Both parts will be held at 3:00 EST. Length: 60 mins 

Part 1: National Partnerships for Systems-Change TA

July 17, 2019

Successful systems change requires strong state and national partnerships with entities that can influence or provide services for children with deaf-blindness and their families. This webinar will focus on national partnerships NCDB has established with organizations and agencies that can enhance state project efforts in four initiative areas: Family Engagement, Early Identification and Intervention, Interveners and Qualified Personnel, and Transition. There will be time for discussion about how to effectively engage with partners and share ideas for new partnerships.

Learning Objective:

  • State deaf-blind projects will gain knowledge of national partnerships that can be used to develop state partnerships that support systems-TA activities. 

Part 2: NCDB TA Services

August 21, 2019

Following awards for a new 5-year funding cycle, NCDB has made revisions to the technical assistance it provides to state deaf-blind projects to reflect the requirements in OSEP’s request for applications published in August 2018. This webinar will cover:

  • Changes to our TA structure and processes (published information will be available prior to the webinar for review)

  • OSEP’s expectations for NCDB and the network

There will be time to discuss existing and emerging state project TA needs.  

Learning Objective:

  • State deaf-blind projects will be able to identify the NCDB TA services that best support their work.

Connection Details 

Prior to the meeting

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On the day of the meeting

  1. Connect your browser to
  2. On the NCDB Webinar page, enter your first and last names in the Name box, and click the Enter Room button.
  3. Phone connection information will be posted in the room.
  4. For details on participating by phone only, contact Robbin Bull.

Connection Troubleshooting

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  2. A pop-up box might prompt you to open and/or install an Adobe Connect Add-In. 

Webinar Recording

This meeting will be recorded and captioned. If you miss the meeting you can find the recorded materials in our archived webinars list.

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