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November 2017 News!

Family Engagement

Happy November Everyone!

We are excited to announce that recently the “Stories” section of the NFADB website got a facelift. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you definitely should! It’s divided into the following sections:

1) Family Spotlight – These brief stories profile NFADB families of individuals who are deaf-blind of different ages and etiologies.
2) Family Journey – These stories are written by parents about the experiences and emotions that come with raising a child with multiple disabilities and how their families’ lives have changed.
3) Families Matter Video Stories – This section links you to the NCDB website where you can see videos that provide you an in-depth look into the lives of several families who have children with deaf-blindness.
4) #DBFunFacts – Every Friday, the National Center on Deaf-Blindness does a Facebook/ Twitter post highlighting a child with deaf-blindness and their family. This links you to an archive of posts.
5) Meet Family Leaders – These stories introduce you to parents who have used their leadership skills to make a difference for their own child, to help other families, or to create change within organizations or systems.
6) More Stories – Leads you to a collection of links to many more family stories from around the web.
7) Share Your Story - This is where you go if you’d like to share your own family story.

This information would be valuable for families, service providers, administrators, personnel prep programs and state deaf-blind projects! Here’s the link: Have fun exploring!

Megan Cote

Posted 9 Mo. Ago by Megan Cote

2 151 views
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Comments (2)

Wow, these videos are absolutely wonderful and the new site is great!

Cyral Miller

Posted 7 Mo. Ago by Cyral Miller

I am glad you like them, Emma. Please check back at the first of each month for more updates on activities related to Family Engagement.

Megan Cote

Posted 8 Mo. Ago by Megan Cote

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