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January 2018 News!

Family Engagement

Happy New Year!

Here are some Family Engagement opportunities we wanted to share with you all . . .

1) On January 27 at 12 PT/1 MT/ 2 CT/ 3 ET, NCDB will host a free 90-minute webinar in Spanish called “Strategies for Coping and Maintaining Balance.” Myrna Medina, Family Engagement Coordinator for California Deadblind Services, will share her expertise. The webinar will help family members of children with deaf-blindness identify potential stressors and provide strategies for coping and maintaining balance. Family members will learn how to create action plans that benefit the entire family. If you or someone you know speaks Spanish, this is a must see webinar. Details can be found here:

2) Molly Black, Family Consultant for the Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Project recently wrote an article summarizing outcomes from the first ever national peer-to-peer grief support program for family members of children with deaf-blindness, called “Sensing Connections.” Please take time to read about her insights and learn about the 2 levels of support offered to families who experience loss:

3) 2-Part Communication Webinar Series

NCDB will be offering a free 2-Part webinar series related to communication development for children with combined vision and hearing loss. Dr. Susan Bashinski, Graduate Program Coordinator and Associate Professor at Missouri Western University will be sharing her expertise. 

Wednesday, February 28 - Part 1: Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange - How to Start - Will provide a rationale for the argument that all learners communicate--not that they can learn to communicate, but that they already do. The presenter will discuss the importance of meeting a child where he or she is and consistently responding to behavior in a predictable way.

Wednesday, March 21 - Part 2: Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange - Strategies - Will introduce the Communication Matrix assessment tool as a way for teams to measure a child’s communication skills, and then present specific strategies to use at home and school to facilitate the development of conventional, intentional communication. She will also discuss the inseparable relationship between communication and literacy.

This will be a great training for teachers, service providers, and families. Practical, useful strategies will be shared. Click here for log-in information (

Megan Cote

Posted Jan 1, 2018 by Megan Cote

3 213 views
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Comments (3)

So excited about all of these upcoming webinars. I will send out right away to families to whom I'm providing TA. Thanks!

Julie Maier

Posted Jan 5, 2018 by Julie Maier

Thanks for the updates, Megan! I shared this with my CHARGE State Liaisons.

Sheri Stanger

Posted Jan 4, 2018 by Sheri Stanger

Happy New Year Megan and ALL! Thank you!

Mellanie Lee

Posted Jan 4, 2018 by Mellanie Lee

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