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February 2018 News!

Family Engagement

Happy February Everyone!

Here are some opportunities you might like to consider . . .

1) Don’t forget to join us for the FREE 2-Part Webinar Series on Communication Development

Part 1 - February 28

Part 2 - March 21

2) Please join us on Wednesday, March 7 @ 12 PT for a FREE webinar called “Making Connections: Vermont’s Early Intervention Partnerships.”  This webinar for state deaf-blind project personnel and early intervention providers, will provide an overview of the partnership between the Vermont Sensory Access Project (VT's deaf-blind project) and the Vermont I-Team Early Intervention Project. The I-Team is an interdisciplinary team co-funded by Part C and Medicaid Match. Over the past three years, it has partnered closely with the deaf-blind project to address outcomes identified from NCDB's Early Identification and Referral Self-Assessment Guide. Together, the projects have increased identification and referral of deaf-blind infants and toddlers in VT. Log-in information

3) iCanConnect is a national deaf-blind equipment distribution program that provides individuals who have both significant vision and hearing loss with free equipment and training to help them stay connected with friends, family, and the world. Please join us on May 23 @ 12 PT for an overview of the program. Learn how it works, the types of equipment available, and how to connect with your local iCanConnect agency. Log-in information

Hope you can join us!

Megan Cote

Posted Feb 1, 2018 by Megan Cote

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