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October 2018 News!

Family Engagement

Happy October Everyone!

Do you live in or near New York City?  Do you have friends who do?  If so, you will want to be aware of a wonderful fundraising event happening Thursday, October 25, 2018, to benefit the National Family Association for Deaf-Blind (NFADB). 

NFADB is the largest national nonprofit organization serving families of individuals who are deaf-blind. They believe that individuals who are deaf-blind are valued members of society and entitled to the same opportunities and choices as other members of their communities. NFADB exists to empower families of individuals who are deaf-blind and advocate for their unique needs.

Through partnerships with organizations and agencies in the deaf-blind community, they:

• ADVOCATE for all persons who are deaf-blind of any age and cognitive ability
• SUPPORT families of persons who are deaf-blind
• CONNECT families to information, resources, and each other for support and learning
• NETWORK and provide training opportunities for families and individuals who are deaf-blind
• COLLABORATE with other organizations to make sure the voices of consumers and families are heard at state and national levels

The cocktail reception on October 25 will be an interactive and fun event where guests will learn more about literacy for children who are deaf-blind and activities of daily living, learn how to sign the lyrics of a song, and participate in a blindfolded wine tasting contest.

NFADB is counting on the deaf-blind community to spread the news and help us make this event a very successful one!

Event Details
Date: Thursday, October 25, 2018
Time: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Location: People’s United Bank (Lobby) – 250 Park Avenue & 47 Street (Manhattan, NYC)
Admission: $100/ person
To make a reservation: Email or call Clara Berg – OR (917) 991-9127

Please help spread the word on behalf of this amazing organization!
Visit the NFADB website to become a member.

Megan Cote

Posted 10 Mo. Ago by Megan Cote

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