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February 2019 News!

Family Engagement

Happy February 2019!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I want to direct you to some resources that celebrate families and the love that they share,

#DBFamilyFunFacts – Every Friday, NCDB posts a Family Fun Fact on Facebook and Twitter. These stories, photos, and videos celebrate families of children who are deaf-blind and provide tips and ideas that might be useful to other families. They are gathered and provided to us by family engagement coordinators from state deaf-blind projects across the country. 

Families Matter Stories  – Stories are a wonderful way to share information and experiences. Through this initiative, we regularly publish stories about children who are deaf-blind and their families. These stories—told mostly through video by families—highlight key subjects such as communication, literacy, movement, transition, empowerment, and teaming. 

A Parent’s Story – Every family has an important story. In this presentation, Myrna Medina, Family Engagement Specialist at California Deafblind Services and mother to a son, Norman, with deaf-blindness, told her family's story, including:

  • Their experiences as they encountered situations common to all families of children with special needs
  • Their interactions with service systems (early intervention, school, transition) at different stages of Norman's life
  • Grief and other emotions they experienced and how they were able to cope and move forward

I hope you enjoy these wonderful resources. 

Megan Cote

Megan Cote

Posted 5 Mo. Ago by Megan Cote

3 188 views
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Comments (3)

Thank you!

Jennifer Henkle

Posted 5 Mo. Ago by Jennifer Henkle

Thanks, Megan.

Marites Altuna

Posted 5 Mo. Ago by Marites Altuna

Thank you, Megan!

Katie  Humes

Posted 5 Mo. Ago by Katie Humes

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