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February 2019 News!

Family Engagement

Happy February 2019!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I want to direct you to some resources that celebrate families and the love that they share,

#DBFamilyFunFacts – Every Friday, NCDB posts a Family Fun Fact on Facebook and Twitter. These stories, photos, and videos celebrate families of children who are deaf-blind and provide tips and ideas that might be useful to other families. They are gathered and provided to us by family engagement coordinators from state deaf-blind projects across the country. 

Families Matter Stories  – Stories are a wonderful way to share information and experiences. Through this initiative, we regularly publish stories about children who are deaf-blind and their families. These stories—told mostly through video by families—highlight key subjects such as communication, literacy, movement, transition, empowerment, and teaming. 

A Parent’s Story – Every family has an important story. In this presentation, Myrna Medina, Family Engagement Specialist at California Deafblind Services and mother to a son, Norman, with deaf-blindness, told her family's story, including:

  • Their experiences as they encountered situations common to all families of children with special needs
  • Their interactions with service systems (early intervention, school, transition) at different stages of Norman's life
  • Grief and other emotions they experienced and how they were able to cope and move forward

I hope you enjoy these wonderful resources. 

Megan Cote

Megan Cote

Posted 19 Days Ago by Megan Cote

3 152 views
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Comments (3)

Thank you!

Jennifer Henkle

Posted 14 Days Ago by Jennifer Henkle

Thanks, Megan.

Marites Altuna

Posted 17 Days Ago by Marites Altuna

Thank you, Megan!

Katie  Humes

Posted 18 Days Ago by Katie Humes

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