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March 2019 News!

Family Engagement

Happy March Everyone!

Here are 2 upcoming webinars for families and educators that I think you will enjoy:

The National Center on Accessible Educational Materials is offering a webinar on March 12 from 2-3pm ET entitled AEM in the IEP: Where Do Accessible Materials and Technologies Fit? It will take families and educators through seven points in the IEP development process at which AEM might reasonably be considered and documented. Discussion will include a model of how accessible materials and technologies can be documented in an IEP to support effective use.

The Charge Syndrome Foundation is offering a webinar on Wednesday, March 20 called Laying the Foundation for Communication Exchange: Practical Strategies from 8-9:30 p.m. EST. It will explain how the ways a child receives information might be different from the ways they express information. Other topics include specific steps for the development of receptive and expressive nonsymbolic communication skills, possibilities for the incorporation of movement and tactile aspects of life experiences, and appropriate use of object cues and touch cues. 

I hope you register!

Megan Cote

Megan Cote

Posted 5 Mo. Ago by Megan Cote

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