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Role of the Intervener in Home and Community

Family Engagement

Hi Folks,

This past Wednesday, December 3rd, NCDB & NFADB partnered on the third and final webinar of their 2014 Partners in Action series. Entitled The Role of the Intervener in Home and Community across the Lifespan, the presentation addressed quality of life issues that families often face when trying to obtain individualized services for their child or young adult in the school, home and community environments. Of particular interest to many in the audience was information shared on how to get a Medicaid waiver for intervener services. We learned that Texas already allows for this and New Mexico is close to providing it as well. If you or anyone in your state has additional information on Medicaid dollars covering intervener expenses, please share!

Interested in learning more about the topic? Be sure to read the new NCDB publication Interveners in the Home and Community: An Under-Recognized Imperative,

For those that were unable to join the webinar, a recording is available for your viewing and listening at

Kathy McNulty

Posted Dec 5, 2014 by Kathy McNulty

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Comments (1)

It was fantastic! One of the best webinars I have ever attended. Thank you for supporting this rich and multi-layered community work, Kathy. David Wiley was just great. I appreciated the contributions from parent leaders, an intervener and a young adult too.

Amy Parker

Posted Dec 8, 2014 by Amy Parker

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