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Happy New Year from NFADB

Family Engagement

As 2014 recedes behind us, and 2015 stretches out in front, we take a few minutes to connect with each of you to tell you what NFADB is up to. Our best to you in the New Year!

2014 was a wonderful year for NFADB!
• We accomplished all the scheduled online Board & Executive Committee meetings and regularly updated the entire board on the successes and future actions from our Action Plans.
• We welcomed 3 extraordinary ladies (Diane Griffen, Stephanie Smith and Julie McGuire) onto our Board, who just in a few months were able to show us their real commitment by taking individual initiatives to benefit our great organization.
• We co-hosted with NCDB three amazing webinars that were well attended and brought a larger audience that became aware of the work NFADB does.
• We have an outstanding new NFADB website to bring families and professionals news, articles, pictures and resources.
• We are deeply involved with NCDB in the online parent/family training of the Open Hands Open Access (OHOA) “Module 3: The Role of Interveners in Educational Settings,”
• We have an active NFADB Facebook page with well over 1100 likes!
• I met with Mr. Dave Power, the new Executive Director of Perkins School, to talk about the continuation of the long lasting partnership between our organizations.

Our plans for 2015
Some of our exciting plans for the near future include: Helping to organize more NFADB affiliate parent networks in states across the country; planning another National Family Symposium for the summer/fall of 2016; starting a well-organized fund-raising campaign for our future sustainability; working with NCDB to create new Intervener Modules, and providing ongoing virtual training opportunities for families and those who support them.

Life Transitions
This has been a year of significant personnel changes at a national level. We wish the best of luck to all the baby boomers who are retiring. We are happy and excited about the new "replacements," but, we are going to greatly miss those that have helped us over many years. You’ll be missed Kathy and Joe McNulty, Randy Klumph, and Barbara Purvis. Please stay in touch!

From our family to your family, we want to wish you a fantastic New Year filled with Good Health, Productivity, Harmony, Prosperity, Wisdom, Love and Lots of Smiles and Fun!

Clara Berg
President, NFADB

NFADB will offer a national symposium for parents of children who are deaf-blind in the summer or fall of 2016. Stay tuned on Facebook and the NFADB website for more information.
To find out more about online parent & family training for 2015, please visit our website.

Clara Berg

Posted Jan 15, 2015 by Clara Berg

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Comments (2)


I look forward to see what NFADB will do next. Assisting with your webinars were always one of my highlights.

Randy Klumph

Posted Jan 16, 2015 by Randy Klumph

Clara it is great to see this information and to recognize all of the work done over this past year. On this end I know that we look forward to our continued collaboration in support of families. I was very excited to see that you are once again planning a symposium for 2016.

Gail Leslie

Posted Jan 15, 2015 by Gail Leslie

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