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Meet and Greet with Megan Cote

Family Engagement

Hello Everyone!
I am excited to be starting in my new role as Project Specialist for Early Identification and Referral as well as Family Engagement for NCDB. Having come from the Kansas Deaf-Blind Project, I hope to bring my experience working closely with families and educational teams to the national project. Please join me tomorrow- Wednesday, January 21st- for the "Meet and Greet" so we can continue the critical conversation for next steps in coordinating efforts around these 2 initiatives.
Our discussion will focus on the following:
In your current role, what might NCDB do to help support you in your Family Engagement and Early Identification and Referral Efforts?
What do you see as holes/ needs in supporting families of learners who experience deaf- blindness?
What does your organization presently do to support families? Has it been successful?
Do you have any materials/ info/ ideas you would be willing to share with others engaged in this same valuable work?
I am eager to learn from all of you and hope to "see" you tomorrow. To join the meeting, please go to:
Megan Cote

Megan Cote

Posted Jan 20, 2015 by Megan Cote

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Comments (11)

Best Wishes in your new position! New York Family Association for Deaf-Blind would like to increase family participation & help meet the needs of our families.

Barbara Loughran

Posted Feb 7, 2015 by Barbara Loughran

Looking forward to more resources, Mahalo Megan! Everyone have an awesome week-end!

Mellanie Lee

Posted Feb 6, 2015 by Mellanie Lee

Thanks to all for your kind wishes. I am now 4 weeks into my new role and am looking forward to all of the collaborative opportunities ahead. There are so many great things happening at NCDB and with the state deaf-blind projects that I feel fortunate to be a part of it all. We are working hard to add more resources to the EI/R tool kit so keep a close eye on it!

Megan Cote

Posted Feb 5, 2015 by Megan Cote

Congratulations on your new position Megan!

Peggy Sinclair-Morris

Posted Feb 4, 2015 by Peggy Sinclair-Morris

Hey Megan! I hope you are enjoying your new position.

Cassondra Glausier

Posted Feb 2, 2015 by Cassondra Glausier

Thanks Gail- When Danna shares the links will you let us know through Family Engagement or EI- just where to find the information for those of us that were unable to be on the live webinar? Informative webinar!

Patti McGowan

Posted Jan 26, 2015 by Patti McGowan

The webinar was great! Thanks to Megan for stepping out only 3 weeks into this new position. The hour was humming with great ideas. Here is the link to the recording in case you missed it .

Gail Leslie

Posted Jan 26, 2015 by Gail Leslie

Welcome Megan! Looking forward to good discussions and ideas around family engagement! Will look at archive of your meet and greet..had another webinar!

Emily Taylor-Snell

Posted Jan 25, 2015 by Emily Taylor-Snell

Hi Megan! I was sorry not to join the Meet and Greet on Wednesday, as I had another work commitment . However, so looking forward to working with you especially around the subject of Family Engagement. I will look for the link in hopes that Wednesday's Meet the Greet was recorded. I join in with the others to congratulate you!

Patti McGowan

Posted Jan 23, 2015 by Patti McGowan

HI Megan. Congrats on your new position with NCDB! I currently sit on the Family Engagement TWG and I look forward to working with you as you settle into your new role. I was unable to be on the call yesterday, but I'd be happy to speak with you about the work the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation is doing on behalf of families and my role as the Director of Outreach. Any way we can work together will be wonderful.

Sheri Stanger

Posted Jan 22, 2015 by Sheri Stanger

Hello Megan,
Thanks for today's invite to hear your personal introduction in your new position with NCDB and our warm CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks also for giving us a chance to share what different projects around the country are doing in reference to Family Engagement and Early Identification and open our ears and ideas about possible future collaborations and partnerships. It was a great call!
We appreciate your getting into "business" right away and we are looking forward working close together in future activities.

Clara Berg

Posted Jan 21, 2015 by Clara Berg

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