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Particularly Beautiful Post- Family Leadership on the Communication Matrix Virtual Community

Family Engagement

I've had the honor of working with one of my heroes this past year, Dr. Charity Rowland, who is developing an international community of practice for educators, related service providers and families around the use of the Communication Matrix. Over the past several months, Charity has been welcoming family leaders to share their voices as moderators to help the community grow and to encourage the community to recognize the vital role that families play in developing communication skills across the life span.

This past month, Kimberly Lauger, moderated for January and left us with this beautiful post:

What I also love about this community is that it has a reach, not only in the field of deafblindness, but in the world of all people with complex communication needs. Check out Kim's post and let's celebrate the leadership of family members who are having an impact in our field and beyond.

Amy Parker
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