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Let the Kenrick Family Warm Your Heart!

Family Engagement

The holiday season is typically filled with rushing around and celebrating family and friends. At this busy time of year, NCDB invites you to pause and enjoy the third “Families Matter” story about the Kenrick family from South Dakota. They have 2 adorable young boys – Liam and Finn. Liam, who was six years old when this story was filmed, loves reading, playing with friends and family, being outside, running, and going on expeditions in the community. He became deaf-blind from meningitis at age 2 ½ and communicates using ASL expressively and tactile ASL receptively. His mother, Sandy, believes strongly in inclusion and has found many creative ways to make home, school, and community as accessible as possible to Liam. She is passionate about literacy and creating tactile books (which you will see in the story). Liam’s braille skills have been developing rapidly as a result of the consistent high expectations between home and school. So, grab a warm drink and let this remarkable family and members of Liam’s educational team be an inspiration for you as we quickly approach the start of a new year. Here's the story link:

And, to the Kenrick family and Liam’s educational team, the deaf-blind network owes you a HUGE thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and inspiring ideas with us. Your obvious belief in endless possibilities for Liam is nothing short of admirable.

Megan Cote

Posted Dec 15, 2016 by Megan Cote

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Comments (3)

What an amazing family from SD! What an inspiring story for others to see and hear about! Thanks to all for making this available! Sherri Nelson-ND


Posted Dec 21, 2016 by SHERRI NELSON

Thank you to the Kenrick family and team for sharing their story with us!

Sheri Stanger

Posted Dec 21, 2016 by Sheri Stanger

How beautiful! What a gift for the holiday season!!! Thank you so much Sandy and family for sharing this story. Thanks to Megan and Elizabeth for producing it to share. I can think of many ways it will help our community!

Amy Parker

Posted Dec 15, 2016 by Amy Parker

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