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An inspiring Mom shares her efforts!

Family Engagement

Hi all,
I am always amazed the drive and perseverance of the parents I meet in my work with children who are DeafBlind in South Dakota. Sandy Kenrick is one of those parents! When her son Liam became ill at 2 ½ years of age, Sandy quickly understood that his access to information was now limited, and that his sense of touch would become his primarily learning channel. She immersed herself in learning whatever she could about DeafBlindess, including use of American Sign Language/Tactile Sign Language, and the various teaching strategies needed in order for Liam to continue learning. One of her primary goals was for Liam to regain access to books which he loved prior to his illness. Coming from a teaching background, Sandy is driven to share her knowledge with others by teaching sign language, classes, providing resources and assistance to her son’s educational team, working with NCDB in OHOA module creation, and working with Perkins to provide resources for parents and educators. If you are interested in seeing some of Sandy’s work, you may want to check out Perkins website, including her blog at: and an upcoming on line training opportunity titled “Accessible Books and Literacy: Supporting and Encouraging Love for Literacy” which can be found here:

Rose Moehring

Posted Apr 10, 2017 by Rose Moehring

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Comments (1)

Thanks, Rose. Liam and his family are also the focus of our most recent Families Matters stories. Literacy is just one of the topics covered.

Gail Leslie

Posted Apr 10, 2017 by Gail Leslie

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