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New Families Matter Story

Family Engagement

Happy Summer Everyone!

If you have yet to do so, I am encouraging you to spend some time watching the newly released Families Matter story about a lovely girl named Ava Bullis from New Jersey. The story outlines the journey that she and her family took alongside her friends and educational team to ensure Ava’s successful transition to a new school and district. Whether you’re a parent, a provider, or an administrator, there’s something to learn from this amazing story and family. Not to mention, Ava and her friends will melt your heart! Here’s the link:

Once you’ve had a chance to check it out, please come back here to this post and let us know what you thought by placing a comment below. Ava and her team deserve our praise and are waiting to hear from you!!!

Please feel free to share her inspiring story with others.

Megan Cote

Posted Jun 28, 2017 by Megan Cote

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Comments (1)

I must say without a doubt, I have truly been inspired by all of the Families Matter stories thus far. However, Ava’s story has certainly had a personal impact. As a parent to a now young adult son with the etiology of Usher syndrome, I would have greatly appreciated this information when I as a parent was trying to “figure” it all out for myself, let alone with family members, education teams, and friends. The simple verification/validation feeling from this story, that the child with Usher is liking having a dual child and not always knowing the environment that will throw them into the deafblind side until it is happening. (that was always so hard to explain to others) It was important to see the consistency that is so greatly needed between the blended family, her community, the educational team and the professionals for Ava and her continued success. I too, thought it was brilliant as Ava transitioned to have the contact information of names from her past service providers to allow for the professionals to be in touch to pass the torch, so to speak. Thank you for sharing this story- my hope is that “young” families with children with Usher syndrome will not only read this but utilize the information as they begin their own journey.

Patti McGowan

Posted Jun 29, 2017 by Patti McGowan

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