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Advocacy and Technology

Family Engagement

Have you had a chance to watch Maureen Casey's webinar on Social Media? There are some fascinating figures shared via a YouTube video - According to the video, 50% of the world's population is under 30. Those are the parents with young kids with deaf-blindness. And people in that age range consider email to be outdated. ARE we reaching out to them??? Does your project use technology to reach out to and support families? What do you use? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest??? Can you share some of your successes and challenges? Maybe together we can generate some new ideas. (and you really should watch all of Maureen's webinar -- great stuff!)

Paddi Davies
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Comments (1)

Thanks for the YouTube with the statistics, Paddi -- knew the info, but not the numbers!! Whew! Yes -- I find I am using facebook more and more when I need to get the attention of the younger set. They still get e-mails -- if they have the right mobile device -- but the definitely spend more time on fb! And Pinterest is a great site to get someone "hooked" - especially since one can share/send to others too.
The one challenge I am having with Facebook -- with NO proper responses from them to my queries -- is that I cannot upload a pdf file if I need to -- e.g., our project newsletters; I put it on our website and link to fb that way. However, for whatever reason, I don't have the document upload icon on my fb page -- although I have seen it on other fb pages. If anyone knows how I can get that icon -- please could you let me know.

Lyn Ayer

Posted Feb 25, 2014 by Lyn Ayer

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