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2017 Deaf-Blind Child Count Report is Published

National Child Count

Greetings! We have just published The 2017 National Child Count of Children and Youth who are Deaf-Blind.

In addition to the Annual Report we have started something new by including a tab for “Special Reports.” This year we have added a summary of the newly identified children and youth from 2013 through 2017.
In addition to the online report you will also find a PDF version of the report to download.

One last time I would like to express my great thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work in making these reports possible. I have been and still am humbled by your dedication, passion and abilities to make the world a better place for children and youth who are deaf-blind and their families. It is has been a privilege and honor to work with you. Thank you. As I walk out the door into the new world of retirement know that I will miss you all very much.

I am also so very thankful that Robbin Bull has agreed to “come back” to the child count work (like she ever left!!) and take over responsibility for coordinating our yearly efforts!  She served in this capacity in a previous funding cycle of the National Deaf-Blind TA Center (National Technical Assistance Consortium (NTAC)) and has over 18 years of experience working with the National Child Count of Children and Youth who are Deaf-Blind. Robbin’s email is and her phone number is (503) 838-8562.  So…if you have questions or need anything…contact Robbin!

Take care,

Mark and Robbin

Mark Schalock

Posted 10 Mo. Ago by Mark Schalock

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