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2018 DB Child Count Instructions and Resources Available

National Child Count

The Instructions and resources have been posted for the 2018 Deaf-Blind Child Count. Please note that there are NO CHANGES to variable or codes this year. All materials can be found on the Annual Child Count Reporting Resources page of the website. This page contains all resources needed to report your child count as well as additional resources to assist you in the data collection process. 

Please note these highlights this year:

  • Data are due May 10, 2019

  • There will be a new process for submitting the child count. Details will be posted on the Annual Resources page as the submission date gets closer.

  • Additional instructions have been provided to assist those who are new to the process.

  • Instructions and code sheets have been made more accessible.

  • A Change Log has been created to document all changes that have occurred to the DB Child Count since 2007 (a major overhaul of the child count occurred in 2007). This will allow you, if needed, to check your data variable and codes to be sure they are up to date. 

  • Additional resources and tips have been provided to assist those who are newer to the process. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Robbin Bull,

Robbin Bull

Posted 9 Mo. Ago by Robbin Bull

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Comments (3)

Thanks Robbin....smiles

Teresa Coonts

Posted 8 Mo. Ago by Teresa Coonts

The only change is how you will transfer the Excel file to us, no changes for inputting data, Teresa. It will be a simple process, likely some type of online form in which you attach your file. We do not have a target date set yet.

Robbin Bull

Posted 8 Mo. Ago by Robbin Bull

I see there will be new submission information, so will this just be an upload process of the Excel Form, and when will instructions be out for how this process will work? I know I am asking early, but just want to make sure no changes on using Excel Form for inputting data.....smiles.

Teresa Coonts

Posted 8 Mo. Ago by Teresa Coonts

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