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Securing Census Data in the Cloud...

National Child Count

Aloha Everyone,
We are wondering if any of the projects are going paperless/green by using the Cloud to host Census data that staff can access and make changes to. If so what cite(s) are you using that meet HIPAA regs.

Mahalo, we look forward to your gray matter!

Mellanie Lee

Posted Oct 22, 2013 by Mellanie Lee

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Comments (4)

Hi! We were using Citrix quite effectively until we moved over to our new database. Once we complete some of the links to TA docs we hope to go back to using Citrix.

Tracy Luiselli

Posted Mar 18, 2014 by Tracy Luiselli

Hi Mellanie. Not exactly "in the cloud", but we are using the Filemaker Pro system on our server that staff can access at distance. Staff need codes to get in the system, and permissions are set so that certain people can do certain things. Not sure that is what you are looking for, though.

Michelle Clyne

Posted Oct 29, 2013 by Michelle Clyne

Hello Mellanie. Thanks for posting your question to the forum. I have a question for you ... does the HI dept of ed have any kind of secure data system that they're using for child count? If so, is there any reason this system would not work for your needs? Thanks, Mellanie. (Mark, maybe you'd know the answer to this as well).

Jeff Denton

Posted Oct 24, 2013 by Jeff Denton

Hi Melanie,

There were several presentations at this last Spring's EHDI conference dealing with HIPPA/FERPA compliant sites/vendors relative to distance medicine programs. Let me dig through my notes and see what I can find. I would think those sites would meet standards for the child count as well.


Mark Schalock

Posted Oct 24, 2013 by Mark Schalock

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