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New longitudinal Deaf-Blind Child Count files available

National Child Count

We have just posted new data files on the NCDB website. They can be found under the Group Materials Tab on the National Child Count group page.

Selected variables in the Annual Deaf-Blind Child Count have been organized into data excel files. Each file contains data at the state/project level for each of the past 6 years (2007-2012), essentially combining data from the annual reports into a single file. Included here are files for:

Age Groups
Hearing Impairment
Vision Impairment
Part B Disability Categories
ECSE (3-5) Education Settings
School Age (6-21) Education Settings
State Assessments
Part C Exiting
Part B Exiting
Living Setting

Each file is set up by state, by year. You can download and save these files and then use them as you wish.

If you have questions or would like some assistance with these files, please contact Mark Schalock
503.838.8777 or

Let me know what you think about presenting child count data this way. Is it helpful? Could it be presented in other ways? How else would you like to see the Deaf-Blind Child Count data organized and made available?

Thank you.

Mark Schalock

Posted Jan 21, 2014 by Mark Schalock

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