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DRAFT 2013 Deaf-Blind Child Count Tables for your review

National Child Count

A DRAFT of the 2013 National Child Count of Children and Youth who are Deaf-Blind is now ready for your review. Please review the results for your state for accuracy.

In doing so please remember that the child count is conducted each year to supplement OSEP’s Federal Part C and Part B Child Counts (Special Education Child Count), which include children as deaf-blind only when deaf-blindness is their single disability. In contrast to OSEP’s December 1 Special Education Child Count, the December 1 Deaf-Blind Child Count data is collected for children with deaf-blindness in isolation, as well as those with additional disabilities. This is a critical distinction in that nearly 90% of the children and youth on the Deaf-Blind Child Count have one or more additional disabilities.

In order to make a valid comparison we need to include only those children and youth who are in Part C or Part B on December 1 2013. This is the count that is presented in the third column: “12-1-13 Snap Shot: Number on Child Count”.

We would like to have the review process completed by September 12, 2014. If you have questions or concerns about the data presented, please contact me at or (503) 838-8777. We can work through any changes needed.

Mark Schalock

Mark Schalock

Posted Aug 15, 2014 by Mark Schalock

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Comments (5)

Thank you Martha!

Mark Schalock

Posted Sep 12, 2014 by Mark Schalock

Mark, Georgia numbers look fine. Thanks for sharing the data.

Martha Veto

Posted Sep 12, 2014 by Martha Veto

Thanks Teresa! Nebraska was really clean (as always!) so thank you for all your hard work.

Mark Schalock

Posted Aug 15, 2014 by Mark Schalock

Mark, I think Nebraska's looks fine. Thanks for all your work on this. Let me know if you disagree...smiles.

Teresa Coonts

Posted Aug 15, 2014 by Teresa Coonts

A few summary comments regarding the 2013 Deaf-Blind Child Count

• Total number submitted up slightly from 2012 (10,494 from 10,471) +23

• Number eligible to receive Project services on December 1 up from 9,882 to 9,970 (+88)

• Number included on December 1 Snapshot down slightly from 9,525 to 9,454 (-71). This is due in large part to increase in numbers of young adults exiting Part B prior to age 22 due to graduating with regular diploma, graduating with a certificate, or dropping out.

• Birth – 2 age group remained stable (555 to 552) indicating large numbers of infants/toddlers being newly identified and referred. (347 of the 555 kids in the birth-2 group last year exited to Part B. This means an additional 344 kids were identified age birth to 2)

• Two new etiologies will be added to the list of specific etiologies reported: Stickler Syndrome (n=111) and Dandy Walker Syndrome (n=107).

• Nearly 10% of children/youth on the child count (914) have been identified as having cochlear implant(s)

• The number of children and youth taking regular state assessments with or without accommodations continues to increase (1,077)

• The number of school age children and youth in regular classroom settings at least 40% of the day continues to increase (from 1638 to 1690)

Mark Schalock

Posted Aug 15, 2014 by Mark Schalock

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