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Anyone use an online census form?

National Child Count

If so can you post a link. Really want to do the census on line instead of all paper this year in Wisconsin.

Jolene Gruber

Posted Nov 17, 2015 by Jolene Gruber

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Comments (2)

I would be interested in knowing how states use an online reporting/updating system.
We did this years ago, and because of HIPAA it was so cumbersome. We literally had a guy setting up remote servers where each district could go to their designated server and use their original user name and password to login and make changes. :(
Now we just use an online form (add form fields to each year's census form:
I also send password protected files (with current information to be corrected/updated) by email to the school district contacts, who call me or fax me updates.
We require folks to pint and fax or mail the forms (again because of HIPAA).

Shelly Voelker

Posted Nov 20, 2015 by Shelly Voelker

Jolene, the states that I I think use an online system include: Texas, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Georgia, Indiana and Ohio. There could be others as well.

Mark Schalock

Mark Schalock

Posted Nov 18, 2015 by Mark Schalock

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