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April 27 Child Count Update

National Child Count

Hello everyone. I hope you all are surviving this most crazy time of the year. Just a quick update on completing this year’s Deaf-Blind Child Count.

Due Date and Extensions

With the May 5 due date for the APR we will move the due date back to May 12. Of course you can request an extension if needed. Give me a call or email and we can negotiate a date that works for you.

Exiting Data

In the December Webinar I spoke of the importance of including “Exiting” data. This is just a quick reminder to make sure you include (to the extent possible) exiting information for those students who have left Part C or Part B. Thank you!

Quick Tip

I often get questions about educational placements, especially home schooled, and how to code students for whom contact is lost, especially older students. When we discuss such situations a a bit more we usually find solutions in the Instructions, which fully define each code.

For example, some guidance for home schooling can be found under Code 16: Parentally placed in private school.

Parentally placed in private schools: Students who have been enrolled by their parents or guardians in regular parochial or other private schools and whose basic education is paid through private resources and who receive special education and related services at public expense from a local educational agency or intermediate educational unit under a service plan. Include children whose parents chose to home school them, but who receive special education and related services at the public expense. Do not include children who are placed in private schools by the LEA.

Also, since there is no specific code for losing contact with students like there is for Part C exiting (code 9), some guidance can be found for lost contact in Part B under Code 8: Dropped out.

Dropped out: Students who were enrolled at the start of the reporting period, were not enrolled at the end of the reporting period, and did not exit special education through any other basis described some point in the preceding 12 months, are not currently enrolled, and did not exit through any of the other options described. This includes dropouts, runaways, GED recipients, expulsions, status unknown, students who moved and are not known to be continuing in another educational program, and other exiters from special education.

If you do not have a set of instructions handy, you can find them under Tools on the Child Count page at:

Thank you again all for your hard work in this endeavor. I know how much work this is and I can never express my thanks and appreciation enough! And, thank you to those who have already submitted your child count data!

As always, never hesitate to call or email me.

Mark Schalock
(503) 838-8777

Mark Schalock

Posted Apr 27, 2017 by Mark Schalock

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