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Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience : Focus on the person - capacity & long term supports


Greetings !

The needs of deaf-blind young adults with additional disabilities continue to challenge educators , families and our db network. I am excited to introduce Michael Richards who brings tons of experience and expertise serving db individuals with complex needs. 

Michael is the Coordinator of the Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience (DBIE) which was once a pilot and is now a full time department since October 2018.He has a long history working with HKNC beginning in 1992 Michael began his career as an instructor in the Living in Functional Environments (LIFE) program serving db individuals with communication , behavior and independent living needs. Michael would later supervise the PATH program where they provided individualized person centered instruction for individuals with additional disabilities.When the PATH program was shuttered he served as a program adviser HKNC'S integrated community residence called Destiny House. Michael before taking on this new position supported evaluation in the effective Community Services Program.

When thinking about the Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience, Michael says , " I am excited and honored to be able to revive and the revise the training what we previously offered to people who are deaf-blind with intellectual disabilities. The department is a vital part of empowering these individuals, their families and support teams. I am committed to ensuring that each person and their team is offered essential tools to further develop their preferred lifestyle in their home, work and community.

Please feel free to jump into this conversation , ask questions , make comments and request resources.

Thanks everyone for your time and energy

Mike Fagbemi

Posted 6 Days Ago by Mike Fagbemi

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Comments (1)

Welcome everyone !
I just want to offer you some more information about our Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience. We provide assessments and training tailored to each person and their team, emphasizing a person-centered, functional approach to learning. We offer tools to help the person and their team continue developing their preferred lifestyle in the domains of home, work and community.
Our assessment includes an individualized approach to Pre-employment Transition Services (PRE-ETS) encompassing job exploration counseling, work based learning, workplace readiness training and self advocacy.

It sounds like a great deal to accomplish in just a week ! But , don't worry we actually start working with the person and their team before the actual week, via phone conferences and email. Upon completion of the program, you will have a lifelong connection with us through our Community of Practice (COP) which meets on a quarterly basis to offer support and exchange resources.

Please feel free to post our comments and questions ! Would love to hear from you. Thanks !

Michael Richards

Posted 1 Day Ago by Michael Richards

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