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Documentation for Accommodations on the ACT


Page 6 of the policy manual for requesting ACT accommodations lists separate documentation for hearing and visual impairment.  I'm curious if anyone has navigated this with a student with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss who took the ACT? Did you make a functional impact statement related to the combination of impairments even thought they are treated as two separate things in the policy?

Megan Mogan

Posted 3 Mo. Ago by Megan Mogan

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Comments (1)

i worked with an individual a few years ago that presented medical documentation of the Vision loss and the Hearing loss along with the request for alternative format. There was also a Psycho-educational evaluation that listed recommended accommodations. A supporting letter from the VR counselor (CRC) was sent but was likely not needed. The student received extra time and a distraction free environment. The effect of the combined loss was used to document the functional impact.

jonathan pringle

Posted 3 Mo. Ago by jonathan pringle

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