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Transition initiative launches with the power of networking!


The New York Collaborative deaf-blind project spearheaded by project coordinator Susie Morgan- Morrow initiated a partnership with eighteen other state projects represented across the north and southeast region. The partnership would require commitments made by project to “recruit” at least one transition team comprised of key members who would be instrumental in learning effective transition planning practices. This community of practice would learn through a combination of structured E-Learning and strategic planning meetings coordinated by the individual DB projects.
This community of practice ITTI (Interdisciplinary Transition Team Initiative) launched September 17th 2014 with great energy and exuberance. Here is a brief overview of what this launch entailed:

1. New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative hosted the event & had three onsite teams in various parts of the state participating. Check out this link to the archived event and the network's largest virtual role call to date!

2. There were 17 state projects and their transition teams tuned in

3. The teams were comprised of educators , school administrators , families and adult service providers

4. An overview of the initiative components relative to transition planning, effective practices and the law.

5. What is transition planning without the perspective of families. Listen in as two families weigh in on their experiences with transition.

6. DB projects facilitated offline structured activities & discussions with their local teams in the afternoon breakouts. All good transition needs a plan and planners!

7. Teams completed group self assessments to identify needs

8. Virtual meeting space – lots of bandwidth , good sense of humor and patience and all worth your time

9. Accessible materials -

10. Interpreters -

Mike Fagbemi

Posted Sep 29, 2014 by Mike Fagbemi

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Comments (1)

Great kick-off to an exciting initiative!

Emily Taylor-Snell

Posted Oct 15, 2014 by Emily Taylor-Snell

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