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Accessing the Dream! A New Transition Product is Here!


The hallmark of the transition institute is rooted in building the capacity of young adults to become confident in whom they are, addressing the unique challenges they face and building a network of peers and providers who inspire them to know that achieving their dream is possible.

The transition institute hosted in seven states spanning eleven years is proud to boast approximately 260 young adults’ ages 14 – 22 years old that are interested in achieving a successful adult life and would like to learn how to be more prepared for the next step that might be college, career or community living. Many graduates have returned as youth mentors inspiring, educating and enriching the quality of the institute’s experience

The transition network of participating Deaf-Blind projects, young adults, families, and Helen Keller National Center in addition to service providers is proud to share the latest collaborative product believed to be of benefit to the Deaf- Blind network. The video can be used to change awareness and knowledge regarding good transition practices for young adults & their families of all backgrounds, etiologies and experiences. The perspectives of the young adults, families and providers are front and center. Here are a few themes interspersed throughout the entire product:
• What does self-determination mean to you?
• Why is raising expectations of your child important?
• What is good transition planning look like for a deaf-blind young adult?

This product is free and available in both web and DVD versions accessible to anyone with hearing and vision loss as well as Spanish speaking families. Once you have viewed the product, let us know what you think. We would love to know how you plan to use it.

Mike Fagbemi

Posted Jun 1, 2016 by Mike Fagbemi

3 251 views
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Comments (3)

To all those who contributed to the "Accessing the Dream" video....Bravo! It was well done and I look forward to watching this video with staff, students who are transitioning, and their families! I was very impressed with each section and the wealth of information presented in less than 10 minutes....I know this will be very useful! I intend to watch it with the Vocational Rehabilitation counselors in our state also! I would be very interested in having the DVD versions to bring out to groups of professionals and the families.....thanks for sharing this wonderful resource!!! Sherri Nelson


Posted Jun 3, 2016 by SHERRI NELSON

It is SO beautiful, congratulations to ALL involved!

Amy Parker

Posted Jun 2, 2016 by Amy Parker

This is a completely AWESOME package! I congratulate everyone on their contribution, and hard work! Made it through the first 3 sections last night, and so many things come to mind for ways to use this material ... for setting the stage for teams at the beginning of each of these processes, for training for the Young Adults and their Families, Transition Coordinators and Rehab Counselors, for training Interveners and Support Service Providers especially before they come to Transition Institute! So proud of the contribution that all made over the years and the team effort in realizing this incredible resource.

Toni  Hollingsworth

Posted Jun 2, 2016 by Toni Hollingsworth

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