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Accessing the Dream video product is now available in Spanish!



More than 4000 users have checked out our product released last May, Accessing the Dream. We are excited to let you know that we have just added a complete version of this video product in Spanish!
It is a must see for families, educators and administrators who want the perspective of young adults and their families who explore topics such as self-determination, family engagement and student planning.
Transition remains as one of the most important pieces of the journey of a young adult who dreams of working and living independently in the community of their choice.
We appreciate your feedback

Mike Fagbemi

Posted Jan 26, 2017 by Mike Fagbemi

6 249 views
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Comments (6)

NFADB actually did an email blast today to the General Membership sharing both the English and new Spanish Link(s). NFADB also did a share on their FB page- Great info for families!

Patti McGowan

Posted Jul 26, 2017 by Patti McGowan

Good to hear Alex Sam. I hope you are able to use this product and families benefit from the content and the spirit of our message.

Mike Fagbemi

Posted Jul 22, 2017 by Mike Fagbemi

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Alex Sam

Posted Jul 21, 2017 by Alex Sam

Thanks, Mike. I am hoping that people will share with us some of the ways that they are using to share this product, especially with the Spanish translation. If there are some good vehicles that we here at NCDB should include in our dissemination efforts to get this well placed, please share them with us.

Gail Leslie

Posted Jan 26, 2017 by Gail Leslie

This is an amazing product that I am sharing with educators and families...thanks for all your hard work!
Sherri Nelson

Mike...could you send me information on the Summer Institute in the Midwest? THANKS!


Posted Jan 26, 2017 by SHERRI NELSON

This is amazing news. I am so happy to have been a part of this incredible plan.

Angel Perez

Posted Jan 26, 2017 by Angel Perez

NCDB : The Research Institute : Western Oregon University : 345 N. Monmouth Ave. : Monmouth, OR 97361
Contact Us: 800-438-9376 |

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