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HKNC Letters Offer Information and Opportunity About National Registry


We all know that as many young adults exit the school system and no longer benefit from the resources, expertise and technical assistance that comes from state deaf-blind projects, it becomes difficult to know exactly what happens as they move on to adult life.

NCDB, the Helen Keller National Center and NFADB, are hoping to impact the adult service delivery system by supporting a national effort to gather demographic information about the transition age deaf-blind population. HKNC has, for many years, worked to maintain a national registry of deaf-blind adults. The letters that are identified here offer an invitation to state projects and families to think about contributing to the registry.

There are two letters that have been added to the materials section in this group. They are at:

The first letter explains to state projects the nature and intent of the HKNC national registry and the value in connecting families and students to the HKNC efforts. The second letter, addressed to families introduces and explains the value of joining the HKNC adult registry.

We hope that you will use this information and reach out to families to encourage them to take part in the registry with the long term goal of improving transition outcomes for young adults who are deaf-blind.

Gail Leslie

Posted Feb 15, 2017 by Gail Leslie

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