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Assessment, Planning, and Instruction Initiative

NCDB is excited that the Literacy Initiative has been expanded and will now be referred to as the Assessment, Planning, and Instruction (API) Initiative.  This initiative will include activities to identify and develop information and products to promote the use of high-quality practices for all children with deaf-blindness (e.g., different etiologies and severities of deaf-blindness, all age groups, those with and without additional disabilities and health problems, emerging and proficient communicators).  Among other things, work within this initiative will be focused on identifying existing materials and developing new materials relating to access to, and progress in, the general education curriculum and grade-level academic content standards, including development of numeracy and literacy skills. While we have changed the name of this group to reflect this new initiative, literacy products and services developed during the previous 2013-2018 project cycle are still available within this group and continue to be developed. 

Kristi Probst

Posted 9 Mo. Ago by Kristi Probst

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