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Nurse giving services to students with DB


Hello all, I would welcome any advice tips on assisting students with medications and procedures. How to 'prepare' them and to communicate to them when these are necessary. Thanks!

Phyllis Bell

Posted Jul 16, 2013 by Phyllis Bell

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Comments (4)

Note sure if you have it yet, but there is an article called "Helping Children Who Are Deaf-Blind Cope with Medical Encounters" that might be helpful.....

Michelle Clyne

Posted Nov 7, 2013 by Michelle Clyne

We have found there has to be a good partnership between the school, the nursing agency, and our state project. Some nursing agencies, and some nurses, aren't comfortable with the nurses doing anything other than nursing procedures. However, the school and project working together can Impress upon them how critical it is that the nurses understand deafblind strategies and interventions. Our project provides our full intervener training for nurses who work with students who are deafblind in coordination with the school. Sometimes there is just one nurse to train; sometimes we train a team of three or four. A small grant from a philanthropic group supports the nurses time during training. Nurses are then supported by a deafblind specialist, just like other interveners. They are also invited to other conferences and trainings.

Leslie Buchanan

Posted Jul 19, 2013 by Leslie Buchanan

Welcome Phyllis-

I will send you a link to a collection of materials I gathered based on a search of our library and the internet.

Steven Davies

Posted Jul 18, 2013 by Steven Davies

Hi Phyllis, I would post this question in the CHARGE Syndrome listserv. From what I understand it is an active listserv, and because people with CHARGE have so many medical needs, the participants in this listserv have lots of experience with nurses, medications, procedures and communication.

Gloria  Rodriguez-Gil

Posted Jul 16, 2013 by Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

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