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Need your help!

Assessment, Planning, and Instruction Initiative

Nancy and I have had a request about whether national data exist regarding how many children with deaf-blindness are considered emergent literacy learners vs. conventional literacy learners. We know no national statistics exist but have found out that at least 1 state (GA) asks for the following information on their annual census form:

Literacy Instruction: Please check all of the following that apply to the student:
____1 No literacy instruction
____2 Emergent literacy instruction, experience books, early reading material
____3 Prebraille instruction
____4 Braille instruction
____5 Receiving conventional literacy instruction
____6 Reading above a 2nd grade level
____7 Reading above a 5th grade level

We're wondering:
1) If there are other states collecting data about literacy levels of children on their project?
2) If so, what type of data are collected? And how?
3) Whether any states not currently collecting such data would be interested in doing so?

Let us know - this could be exciting!

Barbara Purvis
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