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Literacy Work Group Update

Assessment, Planning, and Instruction Initiative

The Literacy Work Group has been hard at work. We meet monthly. We have one subgroup working on training materials that go with the Literacy website. These will be available soon to all State Deaf-Blind Projects to help the efforts in their states. Another subgroup has developed a submission form for people to fill out if they have examples and video clips that they want to submit for us to put on the website. We would like teachers and parents to send in examples and video clips to support the strategies that are included on the site. If you have not been to the Literacy website in a while, you will notice that a search feature has been added. Please visit the site at If you have examples and video clips, please contact your State Deaf Blind Project!

Nancy Steele

Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Nancy Steele

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Comments (1)

The Literacy site looks great! On a regular basis, I have state project folks tell me how valuable it is to the work that they are doing. The growing number of resources is fantastic. We need to start advertising them a bit more on Facebook.

Gail Leslie

Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Gail Leslie

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