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September 2018 EI&R News

Early Identification and Intervention

Happy September!

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) refers to the practice of screening every newborn for hearing loss prior to hospital discharge. Infants who do not pass the screening receive a diagnostic evaluation before three months of age and, when necessary, are enrolled in early intervention programs by six months of age. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have EHDI laws or voluntary compliance programs.

We hope you find the following resources helpful in making connections with and understanding more about EHDI: 

The NCHAM eBook: A Resource Guide for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

This is a very long, comprehensive online resource about the EHDI system. Updated annually. 


On this site, you can search for pediatric audiology services in your area. It also has information about hearing loss for parents. State deaf-blind project staff can use this site to look for potential state partners with whom they could conduct outreach. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of a new school year,

Megan Cote

Megan Cote

Posted 7 Mo. Ago by Megan Cote

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