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December 2018 Update

Early Identification and Intervention

Happy December!

I hope that each of you are staying warm as the winter season creeps closer. The last few weeks I have been busy digging into the EI & R Toolbox. As this process of re-working the Toolbox continues, I am working to create a step by step guide for states looking for ideas on how to move through from the initial outreach to a system to further and deeper work within that system, as well as to refine and create targeted templates for outreach to the four EI systems.

This process has brought me to look closely at the four systems and the tools and resources we have connected to each. In the identification and referral sections for Part C, there were many resources related to examples that support identification of all children birth through 22 with combined vision and hearing loss. Those resources are now a part of the Annual Child Count Reporting Resources. This page is full of fantastic updates, resources, and tips- very worth a moment of your time to check out. 

I enjoyed sharing updates about this during our webinar meeting today. It was wonderful to see many of your names and begin to connect a bit in this new role. 

Best wishes for a cozy start to your winter season,


Emma Nelson

Posted 7 Mo. Ago by Emma Nelson

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