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Keeping things moving!

Early Identification and Intervention

Now that funding notifications have gone out (Congrats, everyone!) it's time to figure out how to keep our EI&R work moving forward. Several states indicated commitment to EI&R in their letters to support NCDB's proposal. Let's use this venue to get some things started!

A good first step would be to learn more about your timelines for the following activities. Then we can think together about how best to support each other's efforts.
1. Seven states have committed to using the Self-Assessment Guide: AR, IA, IN, MS, OR, UT and WV.
2. Eight western states (AZ, CO, ID, NM, OR, UT, WA, WY) have committed to "completing an online vision and hearing screening tool for State Part C programs to identify birth-to-three year olds at risk for vision impairment and hearing loss. This eight-module tool will include one module on 'Special Issues for Infants with Complex Health Needs and Syndromes,' which will help identify infants and toddlers at risk for deaf-blindness." Pretty exciting, huh?!
3. At a meeting in KC state project folks reviewed existing EI&R materials and offered recommendations for revising and updating them. At PDM additional states expressed interest in becoming involved in such work and/or developing materials to fill identified gaps. There is particular interest in beginning with materials for Part C providers. NY and WV have contacted me recently about getting started. So we need to know who else might be interested in doing something in Year 1.
4. LA mentioned a southeast multi-state summer institute with Early Identification and Early Intervention as one possible focus. Anybody know what year that's planned?
5. MN mentioned EI as an interest area - can you tell us more?

I'm sure there are additional activities I don't know about. Please share brief descriptions here - that will help us all think about network-wide TA possibilities. Thanks!

Barbara Purvis

Posted Oct 16, 2013 by Barbara Purvis

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Comments (8)

Things are still moving along in the world of EI&R! In addition to several states that have received TA this year, seven states applied for Intensive TA support. Our team was excited to learn of that level of interest! After great discussions with all seven states, the Ohio Center for Deafblind Education has been selected to receive Intensive TA. We will also be providing some universal and targeted TA to the other states that applied.


I'm looking forward to seeing many of you at the DB Summit in July - the opportunity for face-to-face work always feeds and energizes me! PLUS - we will be previewing some COMING ATTRACTIONS that a couple of groups have been working hard to get ready to share.

Barbara Purvis

Posted Jun 30, 2014 by Barbara Purvis

Mark Schalock has posted a question in the National Child Count forum that is quite relevant to the discussion of revised and new materials with a Part C/EI focus. Please see below.
:) Shelly Voelker, Florida
At the drop-in session on the Deaf-Blind Child Count today a number of participants indicated that some sort of a report/snapshot of the Part C Deaf-Blind Population would be very helpful as state projects worked with their Part C systems.
To facilitate the development of such document we are inviting you to join in a network-wide discussion on what information we collect through the Deaf-Blind Child Count should be included and what format it should have.
Thank you! Mark Schalock

Shelly Voelker

Posted Mar 17, 2014 by Shelly Voelker

Barb, Illinois plans on re-doing the self-assessment about every two years. We also have a new brochure specifically for EI, as EI staff and parents often confuse us with direct service providers (which we are prohibited from doing on grant time... long story). I am going to try and post the brochure now. Wish me luck!

Michelle Clyne

Posted Oct 29, 2013 by Michelle Clyne

Toni - can you talk more about who the target audience would be for the web info packet? There's some good evidence out there about how to get the most bang for your buck, which we'll be providing soon (it was part of the self-assessment guide previously and will be again - we're in the midst of some revisions based on state DB project feedback).

Barbara Purvis

Posted Oct 18, 2013 by Barbara Purvis

One of the things we learned from one of the pilot states is the importance of having someone from the system we're targeting provide input about the materials. This state made revisions based on feedback after they'd produced something - that's a possibility - but so is involving targeted audiences from the beginning (as KY did when they developed their materials for the medical community). So another good next step would be to start thinking about when/how to engage Part C partners. I'm contacting ECTA. Other ideas?

Barbara Purvis

Posted Oct 18, 2013 by Barbara Purvis

Funny, I am having my DB Advisory tomorrow...yes a lovely Saturday in Nebraska. I have already completed the Self-Assessment, but I plan to get input and share with the DB Adv tomorrow. Once we review and agree, then will develop action plan together for next steps. I am sure part of that will be development of targeted TA materials.... so NY and WV--might be interested in that process depending on which groups you are targeting. I have a great Part C connection since that is under NDE ---so work with all of them and major source of my referrals, my gap is medical and EDHI, so would be interested in those areas. I am also pursuing Part C around a discussion on their data system CONNECT to include some indicators for vision and hearing losses because I think that would help us with identifying more young children through the DHHS data system...that is a long range outcome, but will be starting those chats this year. Teresa, Nebraska

Teresa Coonts

Posted Oct 18, 2013 by Teresa Coonts

Ditto, Sam! I am very interested also. I've been planning on being able to put together a simple info packet for posting on our state's Part C provider's main website with a link back to our own and NCDB included.

Toni  Hollingsworth

Posted Oct 18, 2013 by Toni Hollingsworth

Thanks for bringing this up again. We in NY are particularly interested in developing materials for Part C providers and agencies who provide part c services to increase their knowledge of dual sensory loss and or our services. Something simple and to the point that would make an impact.

Sam Morgan

Posted Oct 17, 2013 by Sam Morgan

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