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Videos of Infants/Toddlers?

Early Identification and Intervention

Hi all,
I am presenting on deafblindness to early interventionists for our state (VT) and was wondering if any of you had resources to share or suggestions for places to look for great videos that depict infants with deafblindness and their families? I have looked at the Washington State DB site but am looking for some additional sources.
Thank you!

Emma Nelson

Posted Apr 22, 2014 by Emma Nelson

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Comments (1)

Hello Emma,
Thanks for posting your request here. I have spent some time looking thru a variety of resources hoping to find some good examples of videos that would work for you. Most of what I have found, that is publicly available, portray young children in educational settings.
Texas School for the Blind, has a substantial and expanding video library up on their website.
You might check out a couple of these links:
This is the link to their training clips:
They have a great tool in their Communication website
Use the topics that are in the header to navigate into the site. Then use the subjects on the left hand menu on each page to find examples of videos. There are some nice resources here.
There are some great videos/dvd’s that we have in the NCDB collection and library that I think might work. I am sending you that list directly to you in a separate email. Hope this helps!

Gail Leslie

Posted Apr 28, 2014 by Gail Leslie

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