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Dissemination of Referral Forms

Early Identification and Intervention

Hi all,
I am looking into the most efficient and effective way to share our referral packets with Part C. Would love to hear what you are each doing in terms of dissemination- downloadable on your website, sending to part C directly, to case managers, to related services (vision/hearing), sending upon request etc... Any info would be appreciated! Thanks.

Emma Nelson

Posted Aug 12, 2014 by Emma Nelson

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Comments (2)

I think it depends on your state, but for me in Nebraska, I first start with the state Part C coordinator because she has the connection with all the service coordinators. I also make sure the VI/HI folks in our state have the information since they provided those related services for birth to age 21. In our state the Part C system has a good data system, so as part of my grant, my goal is to get into that system more---however, that is a long-term outcome and may take me awhile....smiles. I really think hitting as many places as you can is important, and in many different formats. I also try to write a small blog for other websites that might impact Part C. Also, don't forget your CHILD Find state contact/Coordinator for your state. They love having brochure, information to share with others.

Teresa Coonts

Posted Aug 13, 2014 by Teresa Coonts

Hi Emma,
We have registration forms available as downloads on our website. We also work closely with a DOE partner program (separate from Part C) to provide supports to our birth-three children and families, and I have given the program coordinator packets of brochures, release forms, registration forms, and a parent welcome letter for her to give to her providers to share with families. The providers then send the completed forms to me so that we can add them to our registry. Let me know if you have other questions!

Carol Darrah

Posted Aug 12, 2014 by Carol Darrah

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