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July 2017 EI&R Update!

Early Identification and Intervention

Happy July Everyone!

So that we can better organize the monthly EI&R Updates in one spot for quick reference, I have added the July update here:

You will want to check it out because it includes updates on:
1) Resources you may want to use in your TA
2) A newly formed work group of Family Engagement Coordinators (FEC’s) who are working on:
•Clarity of the role of the FEC in serving families of infants and toddlers with combined vision and hearing loss.
• How to best share information (e.g., information packets, links to websites) and provide support to families.
• The need for stories about how child and family experiences (e.g., type of services received, medical care) during the first few years of life impact a child’s development and family dynamics.

So go and check it out!

Megan Cote

Posted Jul 5, 2017 by Megan Cote

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