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What About Teachers?

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

One issue that many in the field brought up during the process of gathering information for the recommendations (and after they were published) was concern about a focus solely on interveners and not on teachers of the deaf-blind or deaf-blind specialists. Here is a video of a parent’s perspective on this issue: I’m also pasting a couple of sections from the recs that address this issue.
From the intro:
“An intervener is neither a teacher nor an expert in deaf-blind education. The provision of intervener services is not a panacea for surmounting the challenges inherent in educating a child who is deaf-blind. Rather, intervener services are one of a range of critical individualized supports that may be needed for children who are deaf-blind. Interveners work closely with other team members, and they need ongoing support from teachers of children who are deaf-blind and other experts in deaf-blindness.”

Recommendation 4:
“Develop strategies to ensure that interveners have knowledgeable supervisors and access to experts in deaf-blindness who can provide consultation and coaching.”

Peggy Malloy

Posted Jun 21, 2013 by Peggy Malloy

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