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Structure of the Recommendations

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

I want to explain a bit about how the recommendations are organized.

1. There are a total of ten recs, associated with 4 goals. You can see the full text of the goals here:, but basically they relate to a) recognition of interveners, b) training and support, c) families, and d) sustainability. The recs associated with the first three goals are meant to, collectively, provide a foundation for the fourth goal--sustainability. The fourth goal has just one recommendation, which relates to the inclusion of "intervener services" in the next reauthorization of IDEA.

2. The intro provides background and an overall rationale. Please read it if you have some time. It’s really important foundational information.

3. Each rec has a “why this is important” section, which provides the rationale, and an outline of implementation strategies.

Peggy Malloy

Posted Jun 25, 2013 by Peggy Malloy

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