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Recommendation 1

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

A lot of the work of the intervener services initiatives over the past year has focused on Recommendations 1 and 3 (there will be more information about Rec 3--the development of intervener training materials--next week). Rec 1 is "Develop a coordinated and expanded national approach to provide state and local early intervention and education agencies with information and tools needed to understand and use intervener services."

Implementation strategies we have worked on are include the development of work groups of individuals with interest and expertise in various topics related to intervener services. Currently, there are three: 1) Family Issues, 2) Intervener Services for Infants and Toddlers, and 3) Interveners in the Home and Community.

A second implementation strategy was to create a web-based platform on which state deaf-blind projects, NCDB, families, and other organizations and individuals can interact and share knowledge. This is part of NCDB's overall interactive web site, which you are on right now.

Finally, a key strategy to "develop and disseminate a consistently applied national definition of intervener services, including clarification of the occupational role of the intervener" has just been completed and will be available soon (within a day or two). Thanks to everyone who provided input and feedback on this.

Peggy Malloy

Posted Jul 2, 2013 by Peggy Malloy

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