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Hand Under Hand Technique issue

Interveners and Qualified Personnel

I am a Communication Intervener and I am having a problem using the Hand Under Hand Technique. The Hand Under Hand Technique is used to help the student have more control over their interaction. It allows the student to feel the materials presented more than they do if the educators is using hand over hand. It also allows the student to pull away from the materials presented, giving more control to the student. However the student I work with grabs my hand when I am trying to use hand under hand and doesn't understand that they can pull away. The student gets frustrated because I have control of the interactions. Any suggestions for improving Hand under Hand or suggestions for helping the student realize they can let go or not grab my hand would be appreciated. Thank you.

There is more information on Hand Under Hand Technique below, if anyone is not familiar with the technique

Rachel Manis

Posted Sep 17, 2013 by Rachel Manis

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